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Wheelchair Rugby League players to be consulted on airport design

Western Sydney Airport is partnering with the NSW Wheelchair Rugby League (NSWWRL), consulting with players to ensure we build an accessible airport that provides all travellers with a seamless and enjoyable experience.

The company is sponsoring the NSWWRL 2019 Competition and will work with players to gain their unique and important insights into how airports should be designed.

Western Sydney Airport Chief Executive Officer Graham Millett said NSWWRL players would provide invaluable advice on accessibility considerations for the design of the airport given the extensive travel they
have done as a team.

“I’m pleased to have NSW Wheelchair Rugby League players on board, sharing with us their experiences with accessibility and mobility at airports around the world,” Mr Millett said.

“They will be a key reference group for the airport’s design team during these early stages of planning to ensure we optimise accessibility for travellers of all abilities.

“Building an airport that is focussed on the customer is one of our key priorities and we are consulting widely to make sure that this airport provides a seamless experience for all travellers.

“We are very proud to be sponsoring the 2019 NSW Wheelchair Rugby League Competition and we look forward to working with the players as WSA builds an airport all Australians can be proud of.

“We want to go over and above our legislative requirements when it comes to accessibility to optimise the passenger experience for all passengers and will be working with regulators and a range of stakeholders during the design phase.”

NSW Wheelchair Rugby League Chairman, Edie George said he was pleased Western Sydney Airport would be supporting the NSWWRL 2019 competition and working with players to put their valuable insights into the design of the airport.

“It’s great to see Western Sydney Airport putting a real focus on planning and building an inclusive airport that caters to travellers of all abilities,” Mr George said.

“It’s important that all infrastructure projects and all organisations keep these important considerations front and centre so people of all abilities can not only use these facilities but enjoy them and have great experiences.”

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About Wheelchair Rugby League

Wheelchair Rugby League Australia (WRLA) originated from the founding of the New South Wales Wheelchair Rugby League Association, which was established in 2009 with the long-term focus to make it a national sport.

WRLA introduced seasonal competition from 2010, which built awareness at all levels of the game including referees, players, coaches and administrators of the sport and provided opportunities for athletes with disabilities within the league.

Our vision is to be recognised as an inclusive sport for all communities, provide pathways for participants to represent their respective states and to contribute to making it a global sport.

How is Wheelchair Rugby League played?

This fast-paced game is played on an indoor court, about half the size of rugby league field. It follows a five-on-five format, using a rugby league football. A kick is achieved by a clenched fist and a tackle is achieved by removing a Velcro tag from the sleeve of an attacking player. The game can be played socially and there are defined player pathways to representative level.

The game allows up to 2 able-bodied athletes per team, meaning that members of families and mates can play alongside their siblings and friends.

Wheelchair Rugby League is an inclusive sport – a variation of the running game allowing athletes with disabilities to compete with and against able-bodied people. The emphasis is on the participation, health and wellbeing of individuals, personal performance, social interaction and self-esteem.

Wheelchair Rugby League aspires to provide an inclusive recreational activity and to promote fun, fitness and self-development while fostering good sportsmanship in a safe and positive environment.

Wheelchair Rugby League Ambassadors are Brett Kimmorley and James Tamou.


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