Last weekend we had the great honour of having the Wheelchair Rugby League Australia ‘Wheelaroos’ attend our first camp of 2022. Given the disruptions worldwide over the past two years we were delighted that these sessions could be held at PCYC Hawkesbury (Sydney). The opportunity came off the back of the recent State of Origin clash where the Wheelaroos train-on squad was announced shortly after.

We had our 13 Wheelaroos Train-on squad members in attendance, as well as a few of our pathways players based in NSW. It was great to have all the Wheelaroos team together after a successful State of Origin.

The weekend saw the overall group really working hard to find mateship and common grounds between themselves, as it’s always difficult at the early stage to have a group of players who are individually talented to remain focused on the big picture and not on what they can do personally. As a coach, thinking that every session will be sunshine and rainbows is living in denial!

Overall the weekend went well. It goes without saying that we have plenty of work to do before we board a plane in late October. However, the coaching staff can see a strong playing group that is focused on being successful and representing Wheelchair Rugby League Australia on the world stage.

Over the next few months I know we will continue to prepare and at times experience frustration as individuals learn the Wheelaroos game plan and we adapt to particular playing styles and limitations.
Personally, I’m excited to see this group grow as a unit, from what was on show on the weekend. Once this group reaches their true potential, the Wheelaroos will be a force at the World Cup
Our next camp will be 22 – 24 April, back in Sydney.



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