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Sports Collaboration signs as NRL Wheelchair Partner

NRL Wheelchair is pleased to announce that Sports Collaboration, a new platform dedicated to officials across all sports, has signed as a major supporter.

The Sports Collaboration platform is a central hub for sports officials and people interested in becoming sports officials.

The platform’s founder Greg Evers was enthusiastic about the opportunity to align his brand with NRL Wheelchair, commenting, “I’m thrilled to support NRL Wheelchair. The inclusive nature of the sport and the skill and athleticism of the players makes NRL Wheelchair a must-see for all sports enthusiasts.”

NRL Chairman Martin Meredith has responded, saying, “We are very pleased that Sports Collaboration will be supporting NRL Wheelchair in its plans to showcase the best of our sport. Like many organisations, we have been significantly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, so the news of this great partnership is welcomed by all members of the Wheelchair Rugby League community.”

The partnership will support the code’s current activities, including the upcoming NRL Wheelchair State of Origin that will be held once pandemic restrictions ease.

Media contact: Jo Ryan – 0421 059 866

About Sports Collaboration

Sports Collaboration is a platform dedicated to officials across all sports, providing a central repository for all officiating resources. The currently available resources for sports officiation are numerous and widespread, making it difficult for those who are on their officiating journey to locate them. Sports Collaboration was established with the focus of ensuring these resources are more easily accessible for officials.

The initial aim of Sports Collaboration is to provide a resource for people interested in becoming an official through the population of a directory. The directory enables contact with the relevant organisation – whatever sport the prospective official wishes to pursue.

Sports Collaboration will also be a central location where current officials can find links and references to existing resources so that they can further their own skills and knowledge. Developments are already in place to provide a forum section that allows officials across all sports to learn from officials across multiple sports.

About NRL Wheelchair

Wheelchair Rugby League is not just a sport for people with disabilities. Wheelchair Rugby League is an inclusive sport and is a variation of the running game that allows athletes with disabilities to compete with and against non-disabled people.

Like the other competing nations, Australia is encouraging non-disabled athletes to compete as well. This inclusiveness has proved successful overseas, as it offers a level playing field for both types of athletes that few other sports can provide.

Wheelchair Rugby League aspires to provide an inclusive recreational activity and to promote fun, fitness and self-development while fostering good sportsmanship in a safe and positive environment. The emphasis is on boosting the participation, health and wellbeing of individuals, and their personal performance, social interaction, and self-esteem.

Wheelchair Rugby League aims to provide more opportunities for young people across Australia to play and participate in the sport. The organisation looks forward to building on existing relationships connected with mainstream Rugby League in Australia (NRL).


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