Southern Sydney Wheelchair Rugby League

“Southern Sydney Wheelchair Rugby League” (SSWRL) is a branch of New South Wales since early 2019. As a sub branch of New South Wales Wheelchair Rugby League, it has been responsible for the introduction and management of wheelchair rugby league within the South Sydney.

Since its establishment, NSWWRL has built awareness at all levels of the game with aspirations to grant disabled, injured and able bodied athletes alternative opportunities to play rugby league. NSWWRL is also an affiliated member of New South Wales Rugby League, who has been a great supporter of establishing all forms of disability rugby league within New South Wales.

NSWWRL has been at the forefront of further growing NRL Wheelchair by setting the standard for all regions across Australia. Since its inception in 2010, NSWWRL has held an annual competition out of Sydney, which has grown from a single tiered competition, to a two tiered competition. NSWWRL has also continued the yearly Country vs City representative event, which has enabled the organisation to showcase the sport throughout regional NSW and begin to establish sub-branches throughout the state.

The growth in popularity and participation of NRL Wheelchair has enabled us to begin to form sub-branches around New South Wales. With backing from local organisations, community groups and rugby league clubs, our goal is to establish local committees within the Sydney district, and throughout regional NSW. With assistance from NSWWRL, these committees will be responsible for building and running local competitions. These local competitions will be used to provide grassroots and development opportunities for new and existing players, and will be the first step in the path to representative wheelchair rugby league.