Introduce your school to the inclusive game of Wheelchair Rugby League with our Schools Programs packages. Learn about our unique sport where people of different abilities, ages and genders play on the same team.

Book a visit from the NRL Wheelchair Schools Team, and we’ll bring the wheelchairs to you.

NRL Wheelchair School Visits can be for two hours or more, with an additional half hour bump in and half hour bump out for each session.

Extended programs are also available. Choose from a range of NRL Wheelchair Schools Programs including options that focus on skills development, and options where students can take to the courts themselves to try out their wheelchair skills.

The benefits to school students are huge, as the NRL Wheelchair Schools Visits provide a practical experience of inclusivity in a fun sporting environment. Many students with a disability love this opportunity to shine and help their friends learn new wheelchair skills. All students involved have an enjoyable time while gaining greater understanding of disability and access issues, wheelchair skills and adaptive sports competitions in Australia.

What schools provide

Our school visits can be held on site where there is an accessible basketball court, quadrangle or multipurpose area. We will be on site for a minimum of three hours.

Teacher supervision is compulsory at all times.

As an alternative, schools can arrange for NRL Wheelchair to host activities at a local indoor sports centre with a suitable area. These arrangements require bookings via the school.

We bring

WRL will bring 12+ sports wheelchairs, other equipment for wheelchair games, presenters and volunteers to help run the sessions.

Session size

The maximum group size we recommend is 20–25 people per one hour/session, so that all participants get a chance to experience the wheelchairs.

Types of packages for schools

  • Sporting Schools Programs

Sporting Schools is a Sports Development program focused on Skill Development and Active Participation, requiring multi-week bookings (minimum 3 hours of delivery/student).

  • Secondary Schools Programs
  • Primary Schools Programs
  • Specialist Programs.

Program content

Our Schools program packages provide different content options:

  • Sporting Schools sessions focus on Sports Development objectives
  • Other programs, such as one-off school visits, can incorporate
  • a 20-minute presentation from one of our players with a disability
  • a player demonstration of NRL Wheelchair skills and rules
  • students participation in drills and games
  • a formal Q and A component
  • informal opportunities for students to speak to NRL Wheelchair players and volunteers.

School visits session times and pricing

Our visits include 30 minutes bump in and 30 minutes bump out. There is a minimum charge of $500 + GST.

  • 2 hour NRL Wheelchair experience (3 hours on site) $500 + GST
  • 3 hour NRL Wheelchair (4 hours on site) $650 + GST
  • 4 hour NRL Wheelchair (5 hours on site) $800 + GST

Availability and bookings

Book a schools visit using the booking button  to check availability, then manage your booking online.

Primary and secondary schools with an approved grant can book their NRL Wheelchair visit through our online booking system.

Options for Vacation Care (OOSH Care)

We can also arrange a visit to registered schools Vacation Care programs. The NRL Wheelchair schools team, including presenters with disabilities,  will conduct games and skills sessions to involve Vacation Care participants. Contact us for further details.


Primary and secondary schools may qualify for grants that will cover their NRL Wheelchair program.

Our presenters

Our presenters are qualified Rugby League coaches with varied experiences in Wheelchair Rugby League. Presenters have been trained to adapt programs to the specific learning requirements of individual students and groups.

NRL Wheelchair is a strong supporter of inclusion and diversity, and this is reflected in our staff, which consists of people of all ages, genders and abilities – including a number of regular wheelchair users and people with varying disabilities.

Further information

Contact the NRL Wheelchair schools programs team by email

For more specific information on the Sporting Schools Program, visit the website and online booking portal:

School testimonials

NRL Wheelchair has delivered many successful program packages in Australian schools, as the following testimonials show.

A program at The Ponds School, for students with additional needs:

“The program is inclusive and differentiated so that all students can get involved and learn new skills. The coaches have been warm, engaging and fun, ensuring that all students are having a go. The Ponds School would like to extend an enormous thank you to the team, and will be booking more Wheelchair Rugby sessions in future.”

  • Morgan Costa (Assistant Principal – The Ponds School)

A program at Narrabeen Sports High School for students learning about PDHPE Inclusion and Diversity:

“Year 8 students thoroughly enjoyed learning about the sport of Wheelchair Rugby League as part of their Inclusion & Diversity unit of work. Thank you to Brad Grove – Adaptive Athlete, Australian NRL Wheelchair Captain, for your story, passion and knowledge.”

  • Narrabeen Sports High School

QLD Schools visit at Living Faith Lutheran Primary School:

“Our students were blessed with a visit from NRL Wheelchair. They had a wonderful day filled with new experiences and a newfound love of Wheelchair Rugby League. Thank you, NRL Wheelchair, for spending the day at Living Faith and showing our students just how exciting and fun Wheelchair Rugby can be!”

  • Living Faith Lutheran Primary School

NSW Schools visit at The Jannali High School:

“Today we were very lucky to have Wheelchair Rugby League at our school.

Student Services staff worked  together with Dan Friedrich in Year 8 (who is an expert in this sport!) to give other students the opportunity to manoeuvre around in a wheelchair, dodge having their shoulder tags pulled off and try their best to score a try for their team.

Everybody had a lot of fun and more than a few discovered how difficult it is for others to overcome barriers and how inspiring it is when they succeed!”

  • The Jannali High School

ACT Schools visit at Campbell High School:

“Earlier this term, members of the Physically Included Network came together at Campbell High School for a come and try wheelchair rugby league professional learning session, hosted in partnership with the Education Directorate’s Inclusion Team and the Canberra Region Wheelchair Rugby League

Fantastic learning opportunities like these empower ACT educators to provide exciting, inclusive physical activities that all students can enjoy – and it looks like they had a great time too!

Big thanks to Campbell High for hosting this event!”

  • ACT Public Schools