NSWWRL Registration Update - Act Now

Published: March 2nd 2020

Greetings All,

With this year’s NSWWRL competition in full swing we need to ensure that all players, referees and volunteers are registered with our sport.

Wheelchair Rugby League will be conducting their Annual General Meeting (AGM) on March 29th. As a result we need everyone to complete the NRL Mysideline registration by no later than 5pm Saturday March 7th 2020.

We would like to thanks everyone who has already registered.


Families that are wanting to register their children using the Active Kids Vouchers, we understand the process has been difficult since the NRL My Sideline hasn't provided the option to redeem your vouchers.

We are happy to advise that you are now able to redeem your Active Kids Voucher.

If you have any issues with redeeming your Active Kids vouchers please email bclark@nrlwheelchair.com.au and he will help to find out what the problem is.


Great news for volunteers.... Registration is Free!

We encourage everyone who helps out at any competition, from tag collecting, to assisting with setting up and packing away,  to complete the volunteers registration.

You are an important part of the success of our sport.


It is important that you complete the registration as soon as possible. The cut-off date is Saturday the 7th of March (next Saturday).

Players that have not registered by this date will find that they may not be able to take the court on the Sunday, as this creates a risk for yourself, your team and our sport.

If for whatever reason you are unable to pay for the registration at this time please reach out to info@nrlwheelchair.com.au

Given that we are at the half way mark in the NSW competition, we would hope all players are in a position to pay any outstanding registrations.

See you all Sunday.

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