Zac Schumacher started playing WRL to help with a hip injury several years ago. Now the inclusive game has become an important part of his life, offering mateship, a great physical workout and an outstanding opportunity to play overseas.

The New Zealand-born disability player has been loyal to the Brothers Townsville WRL team since he debuted there in 2016.

At home ‘Shoey’ is devoted to his family and spends his spare time fishing and camping. He enjoys watching the TV show The Good Doctor, with its positive portrayal of inclusivity.

A longtime supporter of the Cowboys NRL team and the great Jonathon Thurston, Zac would be inspired to meet Queensland league hero Wally Lewis.

Soon Zac will be making one dream come true, as he heads off to the UK to play in WRL’s Australia team at the World Cup. The highlight for him will be, “Representing Australia and playing besides some amazing athletes.”