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Following a competitive grant process, NRL Wheelchair has secured multi-year funding through the Information, Linkages and Capacity Building Social and Community Participation 23/24 Program to launch a new ‘Rolling Regions’ program.

This initiative is designed to enhance accessibility and participation in Wheelchair Rugby League, foster a sense of community, and improve physical and social well-being for potential participants across rural and remote Australia.

‘Rolling Regions’ will focus on community sport and recreation by establishing regular and sustainable Wheelchair Rugby League programs. The project’s aims include significantly boosting community links and collaboration through physical activity, social interaction and educational opportunities in regional areas across Australia.

It will reach multiple locations in NSW, QLD, VIC and NT, including key areas such as Wagga Wagga, Coffs Harbour, Bathurst, Darwin and Wollondilly, and more.

The project, backed by strategic partners, strongly emphasises inclusivity and will target diverse groups. NRL Wheelchair will empower local communities by establishing strategic partnerships with community groups, educational institutions, businesses, rugby league clubs and local NFPs.

“We are thrilled to launch the ‘Rolling Regions’ program, supported by robust multi-year funding, to make a lasting impact on our regional communities,” said Martin Meredith, WRLA Chair. “This funding enables us to extend our footprint and deepen our impact, reaching more individuals regardless of their ability or location.”

The project will commence on 1 July 2024.

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