2017 Interstate Challenge

NSW vs QLD Wheelchair Rugby League - 2017 Interstate Challenge 

The Interstate Challenge Series is the annual best-of-two Australian Wheelchair Rugby League match series between two state representative sides, the New South Wales Blues and the Queensland Maroons.


This showcases the best playing talent currently from the New South Wales and Queensland Wheelchair Rugby League codes.


Players are selected to represent their state in which they played their first senior Wheelchair Rugby League game. The series started in 2015 and has made its mark as one of the premier events. 


2017's series was held on the weekend of June 2nd in Brisbane. This year's series was the biggest yet, with NSW bringing a mix of experienced and future talent to go head to head with the big roster of "Queenslanders!". Both games were played in the true spirit of mateship. Queensland cemented they were not going to be pushovers, but NSW was able to take the series 2-0. 



Match Highlights

2017 Media Release

2017 Interstate Challenge Teams and Officals

Amro Ibrahim -  Eels
Cory Cannane - Dragons
Jarrod Serwa - Raiders
Louis Richards - Tigers
Michael Johnson - Raiders
Mitch Stone - Sharks
Mohammed Chemaissen - Sharks
Nathan Pentecost - Panthers
Trinity Castillo - Panthers
Brett Clark (Coach)
Craig Cannane (Asst. Coach)
Cherie Moulang (Team Support)
Adam Howarth
Darren Belling
Pete Arbuckle
Davin Bretherton
Jeff Wright
Shaun Harre
Cory Mostran
Max Belling
Mick Collins
Darren McKenna (Coach)
Bryan Gilchrist - Referee
Eric Drouguett - Referee
Martin Meredith - Ground Manager