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About Wheelchair Rugby League

Wheelchair Rugby League is not just a sport for people with disabilities.

Wheelchair Rugby League is an inclusive sport, and is a variation of the running game that allows athletes with disabilities to compete with and against people without disability.

Like the other competing nations, Australia is encouraging athletes without disability to compete as well. This inclusiveness has proved successful overseas, as it offers a level playing-field for both types of athletes that few other sports can provide.

Wheelchair Rugby League aspires to provide an inclusive recreational activity, and to promote fun, fitness and self-development while fostering good sportsmanship in a safe and positive environment. The emphasis is on boosting the participation, health and wellbeing of individuals, and their personal performance, social interaction and self-esteem.

Wheelchair Rugby League aims to provide more opportunities for young people across Australia to play and be involved in the sport. The organisation looks forward to building on existing relationships connected with mainstream Rugby League in Australia (NRL).



Wheelchair Rugby League Australia Limited (WRLAL) is now the governing body for the sport of wheelchair rugby league in Australia.

WRLAL originated from the founding of the New South Wales Wheelchair Rugby League Association, which was established in 2009, with the long-term focus to make it a national sport. At that time Wheelchair Rugby League was only a demonstration sport.

WRLAL introduced seasonal competitions in 2010. This raised awareness of the sport built skills at all levels of the game including those of players, referees, coaches and sports administrators, and provided opportunities for athletes with disabilities within the league.

Our vision is to be recognised as an inclusive sport for all communities, provide pathways for participants to represent their respective states and contribute to making Wheelchair Rugby League a global sport.

Our Vision

To be recognised as an inclusive sport for all communities; Provide pathways for participants to represent their respective states; to contribute to making it a global sport.


Our Mission

To bring people together from all backgrounds, to fulfill and enrich their lives.


Our Strategic Anchors


People Partnerships & Funds

Our organisation must be self-sustaining in the long-term. Our leadership team must have the knowledge and skills for the strategic plan to succeed. Fostering ethical and sustainable business sponsorship relationships is critical. Building our funds to invest in the growth of our competitions.



Governance and Accountability

The management and  direction setting of our organisation must be based  on robust NSOD principles.

Our leadership team must be accountable for its decisions and must leverage its expertise to provide value to the organisation.



Sustainability, Expansion and Inclusiveness

We exist to promote, expand and host wheelchair rugby league competitions domestically and internationally. We must ensure the competitions are available to people with and without a disability.



Supported, Engaged, Connected

Community engagement is critical to our future. We must provide recreational opportunities to participate as players, volunteers and competition officials. Our competitions and support functions must reflect the expectations of families and recreational organisations that support wheelchair rugby league and the broader community.

“It is inspirational to see and the skill level is incredible. You see guys flicking the ball out the back and stuff like that. You can see how competitive they are – the competitive drive is still there for these guys and they get a lot of happiness from playing.”